Tradenet Challenge – What is the challenge?

If you’re in the early or mid-level part of your day trading career, then the Tradenet Challenge is your chance to put your skills to the test. If you win, you’ll receive some fantastic prizes, including access to our Intro package.

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What is the Tradenet Challenge?

Tradenet offers day traders the opportunity to participate in a day trading demo challenge that will test your theoretical and practical day trading knowledge. All those who are eligible will receive access to a $10,000 demo account, and if they’re able to make $500 in profit with this account by the end of the fifth trading day, they win — but there are a few rules. Participants cannot lose more than $100 during a single trading day and no more than $300 at any point during the five trading days. Also, they cannot leave any trade positions overnight, and they must make between 6 and 12 tickets a day.

There are some other rules, of course, but you can ask one of our advisors for the specifics. So, if you think you might have what it takes, keep reading to learn more!

What is the Tradenet Challenge prize?

Participants who can make $500 in profit with their demo account while following all of the rules will win a set of wonderful prizes from Tradenet Academy, including access to Tradenet’s Intro package.

The Tradenet Intro package has an extensive range of features, including Tradenet’s exclusive self-study course, which has dozens of units and interactive learning tools available 24/7. It also grants access to a demo training account and The Market Whisperer — a best-selling trade book by Meir Barak, Tradenet’s founder, and head trader. The Intro package also provides access to the Tradenet Live Day Trading Chat Room, where you can participate in the conversation with Meir Barak and the other Tradenet analysts as they trade live. Anyone who wins the Intro package will receive additional benefits, too — just ask your adviser for more information.

Who is the Tradenet
Challenge for?

Due to the difficulty, the challenge is only available to high-potential traders who can withstand the daily mental struggle caused by the high intensity of the profession. So, eligible participants are selected based on qualifying features, and winners will need to complete a short survey and provide a short video testimonial according to our requirements. Your advisor will be able to share the specifics


If you want to learn more about the day trader routine and take part in the Tradenet demo challenge, check out Tradenet’s demo challenge page. It’s an excellent opportunity for any novice day trader, but winning won’t be easy. However, if you are confident in your skills and think you have what it takes, go ahead and submit your details!